Under the epidemic, Changshu Tianhong clothing city and merchants hand in hand against the attack ro


If confidence is the basis of stable operation under the epidemic, then understanding how to share with customers and achieve win-win results is the key to further improve performance. Since its reopening in 2020, Changshu Tianhong Clothing City has launched the initiative of "Quality Service Standard of Tianhong Clothing City" in the market to ensure the stability of merchants' performance, calling on all merchants to pay more attention to service and shoulder their responsibilities together, so as to unite and serve customers in the face of adversity and tide over the difficulties together.

For such an initiative, Xiao Min also deeply agree, take the initiative to share the pressure for partners, around replenishment, new, replacement, transfer to establish a set of refined, standardized customer service work mechanism, such as the customer orders must be delivered within three days, each late one day to give 5% penalty; Through the circle of friends, within 3 days at least on the new 80%, each late one day to give 5% of the penalty; If a customer asks for a replacement, you must reply within one hour; otherwise, you will be compensated 8 yuan. The customer will be given a bonus of 8-10 yuan per piece for each shipment.

Through such service compensation mechanism, customers who come to pick up goods during the epidemic will have a sufficient sense of trust. In order to ensure the 100% implementation of customer service mechanism, Xiao Min will give his contact information to each customer, any service problems, you can directly complain to him, a reward of 88 yuan. In the choice of buyers, "Carrie Fendi" is also very careful, each customer to come, must clearly understand the product he sells is what style, price positioning, etc., targeted to introduce the product. Online shipping, which requires employees to only give customers what they need, helps customers avoid risk by imposing onerous rules that may seem onerous. After the implementation of this set of service mechanism, "Marie Fendi" has few problems in customer service, and its good reputation spreads and spreads, gaining more and more customers' trust.

It should be a future

Xiao Min said that the growth of professional market businesses can generally be divided into three stages. The first stage is to enter the industry, learn and grow, accumulate experience and think about starting a business. In the second stage, as a self-employed person, he or she gets stuck in a bottleneck and begins to settle for the status quo. The third stage is to learn strategic thinking layout, create targeted business model, corporate operation and platform management, and continuously expand the replication experience to achieve success. Many merchants can go to the second stage, but it is difficult to go to the third stage, and the second stage is the most dangerous stage, because merchants in this stage are the most prone to complacency and complacency.

This seemingly simple remark reveals a serious problem facing the development of professional market: the proportion of professional market operators is not high, and there is a long way to go in brand cultivation. The proportion of self-employed in many professional markets is as high as more than 80%. Self-employed people have strong flexibility, but their anti-risk ability is weak and their core competitiveness is not strong. Once the market environment develops greatly, they will be easily swept away by the tide. At present, the internal and external development situation is complex, and professional market and even urban managers are in urgent need of merchants to stride forward to the third stage, which is also what merchants themselves must take a deep consideration in order to build a sustainable business.

Under the epidemic, business pressure is a common test for professional markets and businesses. Local thinking and fighting on their own will become the incentive for each other to break out of crisis. Putting ourselves in others' shoes, playing our respective roles and working together to resolve difficulties will be the key to pulling us through. A covid-19 outbreak may open a new window for professional markets and business operators to get closer, understand each other better and cooperate more closely.

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